Sixth professional music industry conference

March 6-7, NSC Olіmpіysky, Kiev, Ukraine

Why do you need this conference?
1. See your own work in a new way. Sometimes another point of view can help you to understand your mistakes.
2. Find inspiration. Search for a new ideas and possibilities through amazing work of other people.
3. Meet many of experts in music industry. Such specialists will improve your future expertise.
4. Collect new business-cards and share your own. Sometimes the content of your phonebook determines your success.
5. Choose the right direction and make your project more effective.
6. Find answers to questions that disturbed you for a long time.
7. Share your experience with other people. There is no development without an open dialogue.

The audience and participants
Colisium - international music conference taken place since 2007.
It traditionally brings together representatives of the biggest concert agencies, promoters, festivals and events organiziers, booking agencies, artists managers, musicians, music equipment rentals, music magazines, FM radio stations, TV channels, Internet portals, record labels and video production studies, concert and event venues, labels and designers, photographers, security agencies and insurance companies -  all major participants of music industry. Foreign visitors from CIS, Europe, Asia and the USA also used to take part at Colisium.

Speakers and panels
Speakers of the convention are skilled and known promoters, record labels, agencies, program directors of radio stations and TV channels and other media professionals. Famous musicians and musical critics also participate as special guests. Concert agencies and representatives of similar musical conventions from other countries also will take part. Subjects of panel discussions and seminars are designated depending on the most actual theses of today’s musical market development.
The convention has been attended by the following companies: Intermedia, С.А.Т., NCA, T.C.I., EM Concert, Russian Show Center, European Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers LLC (EIRB), Dalskaya Agency, JSA Staging Company, SAV Entertainment, Euroshow, Universal Russia, Musexpo, A&R Worldwide,, Livenation Russia, festivals: Nashestvie, Rock Nad Volgoy, KUBANA, Sosedniy Mir, Emergenza, Great Live Music (India).

Speakers’ and listeners’ geography
Russian Federation, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, India, China, USA.

There will be also a conference
February 22-23, Crowne Plaza St.Petersburg Airport
March 1-2, Palace Of Republic, Minsk, Belarus
March 12-13, Kazakhstan Hotel, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Schedule of Colisium 2014 in Kiev

March 6

12:00 — 12:40 Opening of the Conference

  • Sergey Babich, executive director of Colisium, Russia and CIS.
  • Dartsya Tarkovska, development director of Colisium in Ukraine
  • Vladislav Kruglyakov, commercial director of NSC Olimpiyskiy
  • Maksim Plakhtiy, founder of Association of Organizers of entertainment events

12:50 — 13:50  Festivals 

The relevance and survival of music festivals in high social tensions

Moderator: Ievgeniia Stryzhevska, Krayna Mriy and Rock’N’Sich festivals

  • Kostantin Dudko. The Best City UA festival
  • Kiryl Mlinarich, Jazz Koktebel
  • Dmitriy Feliksov, Global Gathering festival
  • Ilya Ostrovskiy, KUBANA Festival
  • Ievgeniia Stryzhevska, Krayna Mriy and Rock’N’Sich festivals
  • Oleg Tkachenko, Slavyanskiy Rock festival

14:00 — 14:50 Club Industry

Concert schedules and possibilities in protecting concerts, persuasion of Artist’s agents

Moderator: Sergey Andreyev, Magic Box company

  • Yevhen Kibets, Happy Music Group concert agency
  • Vlad Lyashenko, Bingo club
  • Maksim Shul’zhenko, Stereoplaza club
  • Nikolay Kuznetsov, Kryl’ya concert agency
  • Yevhen Mukhlygin, Fight Music
  • Ievgeniia Stryzhevska, CAD concert agency
  • Konstantin Klyushev, ex general director of «Waiting Hall» club

15:00 — 16:50  Ticketing technologies. 

Features of rescheduling and canceling events in Ukraine

Moderator: Sergey Babich, executive director of Colisium

  • Maksim Plakhtiy, Frontmanager
  • Arseniy Tkach,, PMI-Ukraine
  • Deema Chin’, Concert.UA
  • Andrey Novatorov, Flashbox
  • Stanislav Birow, Ticket for Event
  • Svetlana Gavrilyuk, NCA Ukraine
  • Maksim Tkachenko, Master Show company
  • Dmitriy Khlevinskiy, Global Promotion

17:00 — 17:25  Financing

fundraising, advancing and investment Interaction of investment institutes and concert industry

  • Andrey Lozinskiy, Cloud 9 agency

17:30 — 18:25 Crowdfunding

Ways of demand stimulation in audience.

Moderator: Dartsya Tarkovska, development director of Colisium in Ukraine

  • Planeta.Ru, general director Fedor Murachkovskiy
  • Iryna Solovey,

18:30 — 19:20 Technical development of events and questions of logistic in concert activities

  • Andrey Nedvetskiy, Showtime company


March 7

12:00 — 12:50 Education. 

Music industry — the most UNeducated in the world?

  • Anna Godetskaya, Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine
  • Aleksandr Zlotnik, Gliere music colledge
  • Mariya Proskurina, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts
  • Nataliya Lebedeva, jazz-pianist, composer, teacher in Gliere music colledge
  • Sergo Chanturia, Sergo Chanturia’s master-studiya  

13:00 — 13:30 Influence of modern technologies in music industry 

  • Yuriy Mykolyshyn, Intel

13:35 - 14:25 Music and Internet

Effective use of Internet-resources in music industry

 Moderator: Dartsya Tarkovska, development director of Colisium in Ukraine

  • Yuriy Mykolyshyn, Intel
  • Tatyana Mulkidzhanova, Mama Music
  • Roman Oleynik, Cloud 9 agency
  • Dartsya Tarkovska, music digital-agency Soundbuzz
  • Evgeniy Nozhechkin, Wispence online-project

14:30 - 15:10 Digital releases

New instruments of digital distribution. Creating digital release on your eyes.

  • Valeriy Mifodovskiy, 3plet
  • Sergey Demyanenko, LION
  • Maksim Maseyev, Soyuz MadStyle Management

15:20 - 17:20 Copyrights and Record labels

Moderator: Pavlo Kalenichenko, director of Ukrainian Music Alliance.

  • Oksana Matveyeva, Оксана Матвеева, UACRR
  • Yuriy Khovhun, Association House of music authors
  • Ignat Berezhnoy, Association of music industry
  • Christopher Smith, U.S. Embassy in Ukraine 
  • Maryana Voronina, Ukrainian Music Publishing Group (UMPG)
  • Vladislav Makashov, Universe Media
  • Vadym Koktysh, Chesna myzuka

17:30 - 18:30 Music Media

The mission of music media in industry. 

Moderator: Sergey Zenin, DJ on Radio Rocks

  • Ievgeniia Kurmaz, Ukrainian Music Holding
  • Dmitriy Ryadkov, А-One TV-channel
  • Ekaterina Ckuridina,
  • Aleksey Bondarenko, Liroom
  • Sergey Cane, chief editor of, ex-chief editor of Open.UA
  • Yaroslav Lodygin, Aristocrats online-radio

18:40 - 19:40 Producing and development of Artists. 

How to create high-quality music product?

 Moderator: Dartsya Tarkovska, development director of Colisium in Ukraine

  • Yuriy Falyosa, producer of Masha Goya, Ani Lorak, Mika Newton, others, founder of Falyosa Family Factory
  • Igor Tarnopolskiy, producer of Jamala, Maneken, Onuka projects
  • Denis Kozlovskiy, PR-director of Okean Elzy (2004-2006)
  • Vlad Lyashenko, founder of Insha Muzika label, producer of TOL, Stoned Jesus, MegamasS
  • Stella Graur, producer of Andrew Rayel, representative of Ello TV in Moldova and Romania


* — List of the speakers will be confirmed and updated regularly.

Official links
twitter: @ColisiumRussia

For Specialists

85 UAH (330 RUR)
- Access to the main conference on 6 and 7 March from 12:00 to 20:00

995 UAH (3950 RUR)
- Access to the main conference on 6 and 7 March from 12:00 to 20:00
- Access to the afterparty on March 7 from 20:00 to 00:00
- Attachment in promo-bag
- One publication on online resources Colisium
- The possibility of placing a roll-up at the conference
- Access to the conference database participants

2845 UAH (11300 RUR)
- Access to the main conference on 6 and 7 March from 12:00 to 20:00
- Access to the banquet on March 6 from 20:00 to 23:00
- Access to the afterparty on March 7 from 20:00 to 00:00
- One page in the conference catalog
- Attachment in promo-bag
- One publication on online resources Colisium
- The possibility of placing a roll-up at the conference
- Access to the conference database participants

For Companies

Promo options for companies — members of the music market. 

If you want to choose these types of promo-options, Please contact one of the following representatives of Colisium UA.

You can also find more information from a PDF-file (Russian or Ukrainian version).